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Donna was born in 1976 in the small Northeastern town of Honesdale, Pennsylvania, where she spent her formative years. In 1999 Donna moved to Brevard County, Florida, where she currently resides.


Since she was a child, Donna displayed a passion for the healing arts and well as visual arts. Her formal education includes a Master’s in Social Work which led her to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.


Donna is a self-taught artist, who began drawing at age six. She picked up the passion for drawing from her father, who at this early age began to teach her how to sketch.


Donna has a passion for any form of artistic expression. Her areas of specialty are portraits and figure drawing. She also dabbles in any medium that is fun and interesting to work with; Donna’s scope ranges from woodworking to digital art, special F/X makeup and kids/adults face/body painting. She works with a variety of mediums, but her favorites are pastels, charcoal, acrylic paints, dabbles in digital art and 3D design.


Donna also has a deep desire to help others. She has worked in the field of social welfare and counseling for over twenty years. In more recent years, Donna began expanding her healing range through the advanced study of spiritual practices including the practice of shamanic healing. Donna blends her knowledge and skill sets of visual arts, the healing arts, and psychological principles to provide a very comprehensive and unique experience with clients.

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